About us

The story of Maxinity is also a story of our customers.

Our story begins in 2003. We collaborated with the Royal College of Surgeons to develop a software solution to test overseas dentists in an examination that they are contracted to supply for a regulator.

At that time no one provided a system that met their needs, therefore we developed a complete, new software solution that was successfully piloted in London, Edinburgh and Newcastle as well as in Malaysia.

Following this, Kings College London conducted a study comparing computer-based assessment with traditional tests in high-stakes exams. Maxinity’s software was chosen in the study after reviewing commercially available and university-based systems.

The journal article (Escudier et al, 2011) cited the highest security standards as being the most important of selection criteria. And Maxinity’s encryption, workstation lockdown and robustness in the event of server or workstation failure impressed.

Listening and responding to our customers

Word started to get around and we worked with more universities, colleges, and governing bodies. Through listening to their needs we discovered that there was also demand for complete course booking and management software, as well as programs to deliver course content and formative testing (in addition to the summative exams that Maxexam already provided). The result was Maxcourse and Maxrevision - so you can see the suite of software we have today is heavily customer driven.

Being the best!

We are not a huge organisation. It is not part of our ethos to sell ‘off the shelf’ software that suffices without delighting.

Our focus is on the healthcare sector – medical, dental and veterinary. Here our many years of experience, coupled with commitment to working in partnership with prestigious institutions gives us considerable knowledge and insight.

By working closely with partners, each iteration of our software has incorporated new features that customers have requested, to make it the perfect fit for them.

Staying agile will allow us to continue listening to our customers and responding to demand. It gives us the freedom to go on providing outstanding products and service.

Building a powerful, simple and complete product – with no hidden costs

Our software is powerful – it can do a lot. In fact, purchase all three packages and it just about does the lot. But through our experience of working with customers we have learned that this is only truly useful if it is also user friendly.

Simple interfaces, easy-to-understand iconography and intuitive design mean that anyone can pick up the system in no time at all and unleash its full power. To complement this we provide super-user training upon installation and our experts are always just a phone call away – with no call queuing and no call centres!

You will find our system is complete. It takes you from start to finish including everything in between. There are other products out there. But be wary of the solution that gives you a core package up front, only to leave with you with more and more costs as you bolt on modules to get full use from it.

It’s an important part of our identity that everything is included - giving you a complete solution from day one.

Sticking to our values for a bright future

We are proud to have built a company that grows predominantly from positive word of mouth. We intend to keep to the values that got us where we are today, and carry on providing the healthcare sector with outstanding educational products and service.



Escudier, M.P. et al (2011) University students' attainment and perceptions of computer delivered assessment; a comparison between computer-based and traditional tests in a ‘high-stakes’ examination. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, Vol. 27 (5), pp440-447.