What does the future hold for e-Assessment? What is ‘speed learning’? Quickly find out the take-home messages from this year’s e-Assessment Question conference.
cost of paper exams
It may surprise you to learn that you could reduce costs as well as manage time and resources more efficiently by switching to a digital exam management system. Learn more about the benefits that you could be missing out on by delivering your exams on paper.
e-Assessment Question Conference and Exhibition
This week the Maxinity team is planning our trip to London for the 14th Annual e-Assessment Question conference and exhibition. The goal for this year’s conference is “To examine how the tools, techniques and technologies of e-Assessment can respond to the challenges of the world we live in. Learners’ expectations are those of the digital age.”
digital exam management software checklist
Knowing what to look for in an exam management and delivery system is hard when you're not completely sure what the key essentials are. Read our guide on the key questions you need to ask when considering moving to computer based assessments.
Find out the key learning points from the 8th e-Vocational Conference and a sneak preview of the findings from the Jisc e-assessment survey
Getting feedback that is informative to help you enhance your course provision is not easy. So how can you improve the feedback from delegates without making extra paper work? Read more to find out how to make both your life and your delegates' lives easier.
How do you maintain and assess the quality of your examinations? We use the results of exams to inform critical judgments such as whether someone should be given a licence to practise medicine or dentistry, so it is important to check that the test results can be relied upon. Learn what reliability is and how to improve test reliability. 
Knowing how to anaylse your exam questions doesn't have to be a headache. Learn how to use two statistical measures to help you understand your data better without needing to be a psychometrician.
Moving from paper to computer-based exams
Looking to improve your assessment processes by adopting a digital examination system? Find out how you can overcome challenges such as having enough computers or a reliable network.
“By 2023 pen and paper will be a thing of the past.” Will this happen in the UK? Learn more about the problems with the current paper-based exams and how the UK could be falling behind in delivering a 21st century education system.