Maxexam - The future for questions

"The project to implement Maxexam at the Council has been an overwhelming success, in large part because of the dedication of Maxinity’s staff....As a result of introducing Maxexam, the administration of our clinical exams has become more streamlined, the exam itself is more reliable and marking and analysis is both quicker and easier."

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"We require our high stakes exams to be very secure as the consequences for the student of failing them (having to go back a year) are serious. The Maxexam system offers us a very robust and secure system which also makes our job easier and which the students recognise as fair too."

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"The use of Maxexam has totally transformed the way that we run our educational services for the better. It has made administering exams easier for us and sitting them easier for our students, whilst at the same time providing a huge cost saving versus what we were doing before. The team at Maxinity has been 100% supportive of us getting to where we want to - running our own secure, distributed exams"

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"The introduction of Maxexam has vastly reduced the administrative burden in running and marking the ORE Part 2 exams. It has reduced in particular the administrative burden of transcription and laborious double-checking."

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"The introduction of Maxexam has made the collation of information to produce exam results simpler and quicker, leading to results being available sooner and making analysis of how the different questions perform much easier. At the same time we have been delighted with how examiners have adapted to the system and the feedback to us has been that they prefer examining using the Maxexam system."

“There have been so many advantages of using Maxexam for our OSCEs. For us, probably the biggest advantage is the benefit it provides to our students in terms of feedback. We are now able to provide quicker, better feedback to our students which we are confident will lead to higher levels of student satisfaction with their courses."

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"We awarded the contract to Maxinity as we were impressed by the completeness of the system and also the flexibility they offered in customising the system to suit our specific needs. Their reputation for good customer service also preceded them, and I am pleased to say that that is what we are experiencing."

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"The work that has gone on between the chief examiner and Maxinity to develop a system that works for the examinations we run has come up trumps as far as I am concerned. It has enabled examiners to work through the examination process in a structured manner."

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"The introduction of Maxexam has enabled us to improve both the exam development and marking processes. Peer review during the development of the exam is simple and easy, and the ability to conduct real time marking combined with getting results almost straight away is excellent. I'd also like to give special mention to the team at Maxinity who are very approachable, always happy to listen and who will try to accommodate changes wherever possible."