Maxexam - The future for questions

Take control and optimise your questions

  • Question building tools simplify your question creation, putting you in control
  • Improve your understanding and assure quality
  • Target and identify poorly performing questions, then tweak and hone until they are fit for purpose
  • Interrogate question and scenario banks for key information
  • All versions of questions are automatically stored for ease of tracking

Delivering exams efficiently

  • Deliver multiple choice and scenario based exams digitally, on print ready PDF or both at the same time
  • Invigilators and external examiners can monitor progress of exam in real-time
  • Exam blueprinting enabling quick exam development and consistency of standards
  • Immediate results allowing you to report back to students quicker

Managing Clinical Exams

  • Scenario based exams (e.g. OSCEs) managed and delivered on tablets for greater efficiency
  • Reduce examiner errors by prompting for missing information during the exam
  • Improve security with all data only accessible to those with correct permissions

Advanced standard setting and grading

  • Easily compare a range of standard setting methods including Angoff, Ebel, Cohen, Hofstee and Borderline Regression
  • Supports both borderline and no-borderline grading

Customisable marking and moderation profiles

  • Customise the balance of automated and manual marking
  • Allows dual marking for verification
  • Intuitive examiner interface for ease of use
  • Built in marking scheme moderation facility
  • Wide array of automated statistical analysis including Standard Deviation, Cronbach’s Alpha, Standard Error of Measure and Discrimination Index

Complete curriculum mapping

  • Map questions and scenarios against two curricula to ensure candidates’ breadth of knowledge
  • See an overview of your question and scenario bank coverage of curricula

Powerful reporting

  • Drill down into the data to provide feedback to candidates and tutors
  • Access a vast array of easy-to-understand reports
  • See how candidates have performed in a range of cognitive domains e.g. Bloom's Taxonomy