Junior Software Developer

Role Summary

An exciting new opportunity has arisen for a Junior Software Developer to join our small, rapidly growing, talented team based in our main office located in Clifton, Bristol. 

The Junior Software Developer will work under the supervision of the Development manager and will learn the best practices for development as well as contributing to current and future projects. 

Key duties include (but are not limited to): 

  • Ability to communicate with customers effectively
  • Maintain effective communication and liaise with the team to establish priorities to implement requirements
  • Participate in developing tests and software to meet requirements

Technical skills 

  • An understanding of software engineering methods and software lifecycle processes
  • An awareness of source control and issue tracking systems
  • Ability to learn a range of languages and systems to help drive development
  • A working knowledge of some of the following languages/platforms: SQL, ASP, C#, JAVA, JavaScript; Windows IIS & WPF, Android, iOS

Personal skills/attributes

  • Honest with a passion for software and an ability to tolerate pressure
  • Friendly, professional manner and excellent written & verbal communication skills

How to apply

1. Complete pre-interview test

It is really important that you do all your work in the browser so that we see your workings. This isn’t a ‘Get the best answer’ test, rather it’s a way for us to see how you work.

  1. In a browser go to: http://cyber-dojo.org/ and click on 'i'm on my own' and then ‘create a new session’
  2. Select your preferred language & test, for the exercise select ‘Fizz Buzz Plus’ (not the ‘Fizz Buzz’) and then click on ‘ok’
  3. On the next page copy the URL (as this contains your id), e.g. https://cyber-dojo.org/kata/edit/?????? and save it. When you are ready to submit your application please paste the URL into the URL field on the contact form below
  4. Click on ‘Enter’ and complete the exercise to your satisfaction, there is no right or wrong answer nor time limit

2. Complete and submit contact form below

Your application

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