Revolutionise your course administration with this powerful software for health education providers. It enables you to set up, coordinate and publish healthcare courses in one place with seamless integration into your organisation’s existing systems. The scope of Maxcourse, combined with its ease of use, will streamline your course administration whilst providing a slick interface for you, your academics and delegates.

  • The course-booking system that does it all – From initial set up, through coordination with academics, to publication and bookings; even course evaluation and awarding certificates. You can control, monitor and improve everything!
  • Makes you better at what you do - A bold claim, but one we make because Maxcourse automates repetitive administration, freeing you – the human resource – to optimise course attendance and management using the information and tools that Maxcourse provides.
  • Simple to use – Intuitive design and 24/7 access for administrators, academics and delegates alike cuts down on error and miscommunication, and the need for time-consuming training.
  • CPD management? Maxcourse has it covered! – One less task for you to do as users have anytime access to their certificates and CPD hours, all in one place.