Maxcourse - The booking in action
Health Education England North West


Prior to the introduction of Maxcourse, Health Education North West had previously used a competing product for a short period of time – but had stopped using it as they found that it really did not meet their needs as it had been designed for medicine and was not well suited to dental.

They had then moved back to manual administration of courses which was extremely time consuming as the following activities all had to be carried out manually:

  • Creating courses
  • Sending out details to potential attendees
  • Attendees had to download details from the website and manually reply enclosing a cheque
  • Cancellations and refunds were very time consuming
  • Certificates, registers and evaluations all had to be created

Following a review of the systems now available on the market they were already pretty convinced that Maxcourse had a system that was ideal for their needs - and following a visit from Maxinity and visits to other deaneries that already had Maxcourse up and running they became fully convinced. They had found it really difficult to find a system specific to their needs within dentistry but felt that Maxcourse provided a perfect fit.


The system went live on 1st September 2014. As expected some of the attendees for the course still rang in to start with, however now - 4 months down the line- the impression that Health Education North West get is that people are getting on well with the system.

Internally the system is benefiting the Deanery in a number of ways:

Reduced administration time

The move to Maxcourse has dramatically cut the administration time involved in:

  • Course creation
  • Marketing
  • Processing payments
  • Creating, printing and distributing registers, certificates etc..

This reduction in administration time is in turn saving the Deanery money too.

Improved financial reporting

As well as cutting the administration burden, the online payment system means:

  • It is much easier to run reports
  • Those reports are more accurate – as payment is done at the time of booking
  • Generally the new system is much better suited to audit processes

Increased evaluation response

CPD certificates are now accessible on the system by the recipient – but only once they have filled in an evaluation of the course on the system. This has led to an increase in the number of evaluations allowing the Deanery to have better feedback on the courses they run. It has also led to a decrease in administration time in distributing the certificates – which was previously done in person requiring a member of staff to print them and hang around after the course to hand them out.

‘The introduction of Maxcourse has already brought many benefits. It is such an easy system to use being user friendly both for our admin staff and the user. It has significantly reduced the amount of time which previously had to be spent on manual administration tasks, as well as providing us with better control of and reporting on the course bookings we receive.

The personnel at Maxcourse have also been very accommodating – they are easy to get hold of and quick to respond – in fact the whole system is just a dream in comparison to an ill-fated system we had once before.'  

Christina Sutton, Dental Workforce Development & Education Commissioning Administrator, Health Education North West.