Maxcourse - The booking in action
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Before the introduction of Maxcourse, HEYH were using a Microsoft Access database to keep track of course bookings. People who wanted to attend a course had to send in a paper request and as there was no way that the applicant could know how full a course was, they also had to send in one cheque per person per course. These applications were then dealt with in order, and any cheques for courses which were full were sent back.

The whole course booking and management process was laborious and time consuming and required two full time and one half time members of staff to handle it.

Current situation following the introduction of Maxcourse

A streamlined process

Once the course has been set-up on the system, Maxcourse takes over much of the administration.

All bookings are done online with all payments taken online too.

Availability is clear to the applicant at the time of booking.

The system automatically emails reminders and personalised course packs.

In fact the only time the team has to go back in tends to be if there is a change to the member of staff running the course.

Reduced administrative staff required

Maxcourse has meant that they have been able to redeploy a full time member of staff as the system has removed so much of the administrative burden.

At the same time it has allowed the team to be able to handle more courses so the number of courses has increased and to spend more time focusing on improving the courses rather than doing the admin around them.

A system suited to the specific needs of HEYH

Maxinity has worked with the team at HEYH to ensure that the system truly meets their needs - resulting in enhancements to the system such as a payment ledger module allowing the administrative staff to monitor incoming and outgoing finances through the system and additional fields have been added to the system allowing greater personalisation of course packs.

By working so closely with clients such as HEYH, Maxinity is able to take on board suggestions for improvements as well as run suggested changes past clients before they are introduced to see if they are useful.

In the words of our client:

'The introduction of Maxcourse has significantly streamlined what was a laborious, time consuming manual process. This has freed us up to focus our time on advancing and improving courses rather than managing them - with Maxcourse handling all the repetitive administration behind the scenes.

The team at Maxinity are responsive to our needs and requirements resulting in the system continuing to be improved all the time. I can very highly recommend both the Maxcourse system and Maxinity as a company to work with.'

Michael Walsh, Multi Professional Education Officer, Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber