Do you have any question marks hanging over your summative question and scenario bank? Do they need to be more secure, better optimised, more efficiently delivered? Or maybe you want more control over them, to better understand the coverage of your curriculum? Maxexam is the secure, powerful and complete system that answers these questions.

  • Max security – Through the deep relationships we have developed with institutions, we totally get the time and effort that goes into creating questions. And therefore we understand the value of your question and scenario bank. Ensuring security and your peace of mind is at the heart of all our development. We have built multiple layers of security into the software including audit trails, access controlled user levels as well as measures to protect the integrity of the exam itself.
  • A complete solution – Create questions, review, develop exams, standard set, deliver, mark, grade, publish, even map against specific curricula …and then go again using the information from previous exams to enhance future ones. Maxexam stands out from other solutions because it gives you the flexibility to deliver MCQ and Scenario e.g. OSCE, role play, situational judgement exams by computer/tablet, via print ready PDF or a combination of the two.
  • Assure quality – A wealth of data at your fingertips allows you to master your question history and keep improving. From highlighting which questions are least and most discriminatory to applying different standard setting methods. Monitor the performance of questions over time and map questions to one or more curricula. Then, feedback to course providers on areas that might need improving using potent reporting tools. All so you can be sure students’ breadth of knowledge is fairly and adequately tested.