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Prior to the introduction of Maxexam, the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) was using excel databases to bank questions for the exams they developed.

Exam questions had to be picked manually and assessments were set on paper using Word, leading to time consuming formatting issues as well as concerns around security. This manual way of setting exams meant that due to the number of exams UCLan operate, it was virtually a full time role for one person.

Internal quality assurance was also an issue as the university runs different types of exams from MCQ’s to OSCE’s and the exam items were in different formats and stored separately.

UCLan was looking for one system that could operate as a complete package and handle all of the following:

  • Curriculum mapping
  • Support for the different forms of assessment
  • Blue printing of assessments
  • Standard setting
  • Meaningful post hoc analysis without compromising security
  • Computer based exams and the associated reduction in re-keying of results

A number of companies were approached to pitch for the business.

Current Situation – The view from a new customer perspective

Maxinity won the UCLan business with Maxexam for three main reasons

1. A Complete Solution

Theirs was one of only two systems that offered a complete package and could handle all the different types of assessment.

2. Tailored to their needs

They offered support customised to UCLan’s particular needs which were unusual because of the way the University is structured with only one department responsible for the different types of assessment.  Rather than just offering an ‘off the shelf’ solution as many of their competitors do, Maxexam is being customised to work in the best way for UCLan.

3. Devoted Customer Support

Having spoken to Maxinity’s clients they were convinced that the customer support that they would receive from Maxinity meant that they would deliver on what they promised. 

UCLan is still at the early stages of working with Maxinity and the Maxexam software with training having just been completed, but they are close to delivering an MCQ exam through it, and with development taking place to deliver the other examinations successfully.


'We awarded the contract to Maxinity as we were impressed by the completeness of the system and also the flexibility they offered in customising the system to suit our specific needs. Their reputation for good customer service also preceded them, and I am pleased to say that that is what we are experiencing. We are happy we awarded them the contract and look forward to when we are able to run all exams through Maxexam - saving us time on setting and marking the papers and helping us to deliver high quality exams.'

Kumar Varma Datla, Clinical Teacher, University of Central Lancashire.