Maxrevision - The practice of perfection


Tony was working as a tutor for Health Education South West developing computer aided learning for both dentists and dental nurses. There was a requirement to add a large range of material to an online system which students could access and then take online tutorials and tests. He was introduced to Maxrevision by the Post Graduate Clinical Dean at the time as an option to be able to provide the required online courses.

Tony had previously used non web based software to develop courses for a dental hospital and had experienced issues with software ceasing to operate whenever Windows introduced a new operating system. This was something that he was keen to avoid.

Following the introduction of Maxrevision

User Friendly – for tutors and students

Although not Windows based, the Maxrevision system shares many of the same features as Window's products – for example, it is easy to manipulate images, change text fonts, add boxes, copy and paste from Word etc. One of the courses developed for radiography nurses contained lots of x-ray images, labelled radiographs etc., so the ease with which images could be manipulated was a huge advantage.

The system is templated but still flexible which Tony found to be unusual in the HTML environment as users usually have to be able to code to get the best out of a system.

Feedback from the end users (dentists/dental nurses) was also favourable in that they felt that it offered a good user experience.

Course Stability

As the Maxrevision system is web based, the possibility of courses not working properly as operating systems change was removed. As the software is also platform neutral it enables users to develop or sit tutorials whether they are using PC’s, Macs, tablets etc..

System adapted to suit their needs

The development team worked with Tony to add features tailored to his needs. Some of these included:

  • Tutorial tests during tutorials. These were implemented so that students could test their learning as they went through the tutorial as well as having tests that could be completed at the end of a unit.

  • "menu page" enabling the author to build chapters and the user to do a quick search within a large subject or reference document. This is a differentiating factor Vs the other systems on the market.

‘Maxrevision offers a fresh environment that lends itself well to developing courses and in particular working with images. It is user friendly for the tutor and the feedback I have had is that the end users also find using it easy. Maxinity were very open to developments I suggested, which in turn made the system even better suited for us. The technical support I received was also second to none. In my opinion using the system is a ‘no brainer’ and I would highly recommend it to others.’

Tony Telford, Part-time lecturer, Dental Technology